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Induction hot air circulation oven production characteristics

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There is the remaining anti-corrosion power to fit in the open air. Spray cloth water system: the adoption of tube spray cloth water system, broken water bag, spray repeated pump, spray with heat pipe network, and nozzles; pump built into the tower, rain; with heat Pipe network adopts the circular arrangement way, the water distribution main body is located on the upper side of the ice-forming coil, and the water distribution pipe is connected by the main pipe so that the water pressure uniformity in the spray water system is good. (Ice coil): icing coil is made of red copper control manufacturing; income and expenditure of follicular tube made of carbon steel; icing coil by the group of snake-like heat transfer tube composition; each group of heat transfer tube Narcissus water flow position and outside the tube outside the activities of the activities to open the reverse activities of each group of heat transfer tube through the pre-bolt and pressure test, decent and then disassembly, ice coil removal is achieved after the water stopped 12Mpa barometric pressure test to ensure No leakage; icing coil income and expenditure of the interface of the heat pipe through the mouth and flange connection. Induction Burning Reactor Oven Closed Closed Tower Facility Manufacturing Indication Fan: Selection of the ice tower Common, vertical device of the axial fan, its function Satisfied the ice tower for the wind breeze pressure request, the fan installed in the roof of the ice , The fan of the bearing flow is in the framework of the tower on the tower, the fan and the bearing should be adopted galvanized nut connection, and the installation of vibration isolation vibration isolation, the fan is installed on the side of the wind can be assembled protective net; Axial fan configuration outdoor ice tower public utility effect. Induction of the wind blowing oven into the soft water flowing into the ice tower outlet, and with the opening of the red copper tube activities, the heat is attracted to the wall and the roof fan to remove the tower, the temperature after the repeated flow of water into the oven repeated repeated Repeated use.

Electric furnace to create unlimited consumption of the induction wind blowing oven according to user needs can be equipped with half-type ice tower, for the user to choose the quality of the ultra-suitable sets of induction induction wind repeated oven, farewell to the vast number of users to plant investigation and online consultation. Sink: The sump is located above the base of the lower tank. The structure of the tank is integrated with the inside of the tank. The tank is connected with the galvanized nut. The water collecting tank adopts hot dip galvanized sheet. The volume is not less than 4% of the amount of spray repetition, the level of the water level of the catch tank is 450mm; the water tank is equipped with the float tank connection, the quick heat pipe interface, the overflow pipe interface, the sewage pipe interface and the water level detector interface The Features: soft water to open the repeated contact with the atmosphere, to prevent scaling and blocking the scene emerged; fan + coil + spray triple cooling, freezing effect is good; no digging pool; shelved jittery, frugal time.

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