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Introduction of Double Cone Rotary Vacuum Dryer

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Double Cone Rotary Vacuum Drying Machine is a new type of dryer which is mixed and dried in one. The condenser, vacuum pump and dryer to form a vacuum drying device. Double cone rotary vacuum dryer design is advanced, the internal structure is simple, easy to clean, the material can be discharged, easy to operate. Can reduce the labor intensity to improve the working environment. At the same time because the container itself is also rotating the material but the wall is not integrated, so the heat transfer coefficient is high, the drying rate, not only save energy, and the material is dry and uniform, good quality. Double cone rotary vacuum dryer can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dyes and other industries dry materials.

Double cone rotary vacuum dryer for the double cone of the rotating tank, the tank in a vacuum state, into the jacket through the steam or hot water for heating, heat through the tank wall and wet material contact. Wet material vaporized after evaporation of water vapor. Through the vacuum pump was evacuated through the vacuum exhaust pipe. As the tank inside the thousands of vacuum state, and the tank body to keep the material up and down, inside and outside the flip, so to speed up the drying speed of the material, SZG double cone rotary vacuum dryer to improve drying efficiency, to achieve uniform drying purposes.
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