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Operation of double cone rotary vacuum dryer

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1, double cone rotary vacuum dryer before driving check:

A, open the vacuum pump inspection, tube double cone vacuum drying machine road junction, the filler vacuum dryer is leaked, into the outlet seal is good, vacuum table reaction is sensitive.

B, open the cooling water valve check the heat pipe connection, packing material is leaked, pressure gauge reaction is sensitive.

C, check the electronic control cabinet of the instruments, buttons, lights are normal, check the double cone rotary vacuum dryer ground is good, with or without leakage, short circuit exists.

D, in the arms filled with grease, start the motor empty car operation, listen to the noise is normal, if not normal, should check out the source of noise, and be excluded.

2, will need to dry material into the container (powder, small granular, slurry material using vacuum feed), and then close the feed hole cover.

3, close the vacuum valve, open the vacuum pump, so that the negative pressure inside the container (600 - 755 mmHg).

4, close the power switch, start the motor, press the work button vacuum dryer, dryer began to work.

5, open the heating body valve, so that the heat drying body into the dry container sandwich, according to process requirements test.

6, the material is dry, first turn off the heating body drying equipment valve, and then into the sandwich within the cooling water, to be vacuum rake dryer material cooled to room temperature, stop the vacuum. Open the row of vacuum valve, turn off the electricity, stop the dryer rotation, open the hole cover out of the material.

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