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The working principle of double cone back vacuum dryer

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Double cone rotary vacuum dryer for the double cone-shaped rotating tank, the middle of the device for the cylindrical, both ends of the conical shape, the top of a cone designed for open-type feeding (and manhole), the other end of the butterfly valve material. Inside and outside the tank is divided into three layers, the middle jacket heating medium can be steam, circulating hot water or heat transfer oil, insulation layer for the ultra-fine glass wool, very little energy consumption; Double cone rotary vacuum dryer work in the tank in a vacuum state, the jacket into the heat transfer oil, hot water or steam and other hot media to heat, heat through the tank wall to the wet material.

As the tank is in a vacuum state, the solvent (including water) in various materials can be rapidly vaporized at a lower temperature under vacuum conditions, and the rotation of the tank keeps the material up and down, inside and outside, and the material is continuously renewed And the wall contact with the surface, so as to make full use of the heat conduction wall, speed up the drying speed of materials, improve drying efficiency, and can achieve the purpose of uniform drying.

The solvent (vapor) evaporated by the wet material is absorbed by the vacuum pump through the vacuum pump. Through the low-temperature condensation system (using tap water or frozen brine) to cool, in order to achieve the purpose of recycling, saving production costs and improve the operating conditions of the vacuum pump, but also reduce the environmental pollution.

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