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Advantages of Double Cone Rotary Vacuum Dryer

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The double cone rotary vacuum dryer is suitable for vacuum drying and mixing of powdery granular materials. For the drying of the solvent containing the solvent or toxic gas, the condenser is added to recover the solvent. Double cone rotary vacuum dryer in a vacuum state, in the jacket through the steam, hot water or heat transfer oil for heating, directly through the cylinder wall of heat and wet material contact, by the rotation of the body so that the material movement in the barrel , The material after the heat of evaporation of water vapor through the vacuum pump through the steam exhaust pipe continuous extraction, thus speeding up the material drying rate, with the material rolling, to achieve the purpose of uniform drying materials.

First: to better reduce the chance of dyeing bacteria, it is worth mentioning is particularly suitable for the production of heat-sensitive materials. Because of the vacuum drying, the presence of more or less moisture in the material can be vaporized to ensure that the entire process of drying and clean.

Second: double cone rotary vacuum dryer in the course of the operation can also effectively avoid surface hardening. In fact, this is because the vacuum drying material and the surface between the existence of a relatively large pressure difference, the role of pressure gradient love, the water on the initiative to consciously move to the surface, very dry, the surface hardening can be avoided.

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