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Double cone rotary vacuum dryer with counterweight adjustment range

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The condenser, the exhaust machine and the dryer are composed to form a double cone rotary vacuum dryer. (Such as no need to recycle agent, the condenser may not) the machine preset advanced, inside the structure is simple, easy to remove easily, the material can be discharged, easy to operate. Can reduce the labor intensity to improve the office background. At the same time because the vessel itself when the material is also rotating and no material on the wall, so the thermal conductivity is high, the drying efficiency, not only save energy, double cone rotary vacuum dryer produced double cone vacuum dryer is mainly used in pharmaceutical , Chemical, food, dyeing cloth materials and other industries dry materials. The position of the center of gravity of the double-cone rotary vacuum drying machine is very important, and the preset center of gravity of the oscillation should be on the same parallel plane as the counterweight on the top of the motor shaft.

In order to achieve this goal, on the one hand to a reasonable selection of the size and weight of the device, on the other hand to make the motor can move along the compact position, so that the weight along the vertical direction of a tune. The window should be provided on the side of the fixed stand so that the position and volume of the lower counterweight on the disc can be adjusted. Double cone rotary vacuum dryer window should be installed outside the door can be opened, the office closed. Demand debugging counterweight when the bit can be opened when the preset local oscillation (organism) is not suitable for heavy. Because the relocation is too large, it is not enough to consume the material, and the power consumption is increased, and the unfair balance must increase and the ability to reach the desired volatility. But in slowing down the same time, the need to pay attention to the organism has a certain degree of stiffness. When it is appropriate to use a multi-sieve grade, the double cone rotary vacuum dryer should minimize the vertical distance between adjacent two screens. As the distance between the screen surface and the center of gravity for the amplitude and office quality are sprouting a certain impact.Today so far by the distance of the oscillation screen that is appropriate to use 120mm. Based on the final result, this distance can also be changed from big to small.

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